Managing Confidential Information

I'm sure you remember the most recent redaction mistakes like the TSA Screening Management SOP document or the more recent motion to issue a trial subpoena to President Barack Obama in USA v Rod Blagojevich. Yet - even with these memorable events practitioners and staff still continue to create documents with faulty redactions.

Earlier this year I resolved to try to find a solution - not a technology solution, but a people solution. The result is a course designed to teach practitioners and staff about PDF redaction (and metadata). The course is titled "Managing Confidential Information - PDF Content and the Law and Technology of Redaction and Metadata".

This course is suitable in any jurisdiction with an examination of recent federal case law regarding redaction and a thorough review of PDF technology and how redaction works (as well as a discussion of redaction best practices). The course is accredited as a CLE in Florida, Georgia, and New York (with Ethics Credit) with conditional approval in New Jersey.

The course was developed by Discovery Partners, Inc. and Marshall Sklar J.D.