What is File Encryption?

From the word 'encrypt' - which is to 'convert (information or data) into a cipher or code'.  Encryption software is a software process that applies the cipher to information or data (your computer files) so that the information or data cannot be opened without an encryption 'key'.  

A typical method of encryption is called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Public Key Encryption (Read more here).  'The magic of PKI occurs through the use of extremely long prime numbers, called keys. Two keys are involved - a private key, which only you have access to, and a public key, which can be accessed by anyone. The two keys work together, so a message scrambled with the private key can only be unscrambled with the public key and vice versa. The more digits in these keys, the more secure the process.' (source).

While this all is quite technical, software designed to accomplish encryption is quite easy to use, and can easily be applied to client information or PHI information you keep on your office computer or laptop, or that you send via email.

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