Apple IOS-7 - Making it Talk

(or more specifically ... Read to You)
There are a number of accessibility features built into IOS.  Take a look under Settings / General / Accessibility for a whole plethora of tools that are designed for users with disabilities - and may be useful to users without disabilities as well. 

In particular, you'll find "Speak Selection" under the the Accessibility options.  Turning this 'on' will insert a read-out-loud (or Speak more precisely) function into the Copy-Select All-Define option.  

Read my email out loud:  Try this:  with Speak Selection enabled, open an email or a document on your iPhone.  Press and hold the first word in the body of the email (nope - I can't seem to make this work by starting at the "FROM" field - let me know if you figure this out)..   The Copy-Select All-Define-Speak option will pop up.  Select-All or drag the select bars to choose text - then choose "speak".  Your IOS device will start reading the text out loud. 

Then there are APPS to do this.  Check into Talkler as one example...