Never Having to Say Goodbye - An Update

Imagine being able to "tether" a document so that you were notified whenever it was opened, and can  lock the document on-demand, set an expiration, or change print, copy, and edit rights while the document is moving around the internet.  Now imagine this capability were automtically involed every time a user downloaded a file from a particular SharePoint library or any other document management system.

The folks at Indorse Technology are delivering just such a solution called Call-Home which can "tag" your documents for tracking and control.  If you are an Adobe maven,  these functions may sound remarkably like Adobe Live Cycle (ALC) Server and in fact, InDorse offers a solution that leverages that platform.  The great news is that all you need is a way to make PDF files - and you're in business.  AND - Indorse offers a web portal for tagging your documents in addition to the SharePoint plug-in and a complete developer's kit.

Here's how the SharePoint example works:  You have a particular SharePoint site which contains highly confidential documents.  Lets call it Fort Knox.  The Indorse SharePoint plug-in is installed on your SharePoint server and is configured to "tag" PDF files being downloaded from Fort Knox. 

Tagging a PDF file might mean that it will expire on a certain date, or it might mean that you are alerted whenver the file is opened in Adobe Reader.  Tagging also means that you can disable access to the PDF file any time you want and create black-list or white-list locations.

The behavior is seamless to the end user while giving an organization complete command-and-control over documents, even after they've left the firewall.

Feel free to contact me for details about Indorse solutions.