Why a blog about PDFs??!!

I'm sure you've noticed that PDF documents are everywhere in legal practice. They're probably more common than MS-Word documents - and have become the "common denominator" format for MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, paper, and many other source formats.

PDF documents have become the de-facto way to "publish" information whether its being sent to a lawyer down the hall or across the country. It is considered more secure, and delivers a document which can universally be opened, read, and printed.

Thus - PDF documents have become a central format in the universe of document content in legal practice. You would think we'd know more about them and handle them more efficiently. Well - that's the objective of this blog. It is to give you information which may be helpful, and give you ideas about how to be more resourceful. I hope it also becomes a forum for discussion about topics like "are all PDFs created equal"... which might be a good topic for the first blog.

Best regards,

The Editor